SME Problem Solving Specialists

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Immerse: “Involve oneself deeply in a particular activity”


We dive into your business

In our years of working with our clients/partners, we are yet to meet anyone who was waiting for a stranger to turn up with a list of action points. We know that New Zealand SME's are not stupid or incompetent; many just seek an extra pair of ears, eyes and hands to move the business forward. We focus on solving problems and fixing issues to facilitate growth. We provide a different perspective. We will become genuine partners who focus on what you need and what your business needs. We provide bridging skills and knowledge to move you and your business forward. The work we do is sometimes with those that are 'struggling', maybe not performing at quite where they wanted to be and we also work with those that want to accelerate their current position and realise greater levels of growth.

A cure for your need

We work with businesses and individuals that cover all stages of the evolution curve. Some are nurturing ideas and, at the other end, seeking a plan to exit to do something else. Our experience and knowledge base ensures that we can support you with the business fundamentals (Finance, Governance, Planning and Strategy, Sales & Marketing, People and Leadership) and cure your needs plus enhance our support through the Immersion Group.

We don’t accept…blah

We are owners, just like you and stare into/grapple with many of the same challenges. We have enjoyed success and also our fair share of where it didn’t work (yeah, it’s called failure). We did the ‘hard yards’ to tick the academic boxes as well but at the heart of it, what we do, is about transparent relationships and delivery. Its about being reliable and commited to your business. Providing actions not just words.

Partners we work with

It would be easy to just say clients here, but with the relationship and success built together, the relationship becomes more than that. So we use the word Partners. It doesn’t start straight away, but being successful together does bind you a bit. The common goal and supporting each other for success creates a really enjoyable process. We are judged by your success. While daunting, we are comfortable with that. We have partners from multiple different industries with a plethora of needs. The key barometer for us is that we maintain contact and relationships long after our work has concluded.

Meet the group

The Immersion Group – We are creative in what we do, but conform to the proven principles of business (because they work), while being brave enough to take unconventional methods that are successful. To enable us to do this and be successful we have created a group of like-minded people "The Group" to support us and our partners. Our team is handpicked and love being part of the process of growth and profit.

The book

We are fully aware that every client we have worked with has had different experiences and needs within their business. However, after working within so many different industries we have developed a method of finding a company’s disconnections. The fun part is fixing and reconnecting them. This is the first dive into a business.