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We could list what we do, many and varied, and ordinarily bespoke by client. Our preference is to share with you some case studies that highlight how immersed we get. I am sure there are synergies with your business needs.

Business: Food Processing

Turnover: $2m
Staff: 10
Objective: Prepare for sale

Actions taken :-

  • Recruit new production Manager
  • Overhaul www
  • Give greater visibility and ‘freshen up’ offer
  • Review of production efficiencies plan to purchase new machinery
  • Set up new Accountant relationship with evolved processes
  • Implement new back office function to give greater internal support and customer service
  • Allow business, and key individuals, greater autonomy so business is less reliant on owner
  • Write and implement 2 year business plan
  • Minimise short term debt
  • Review of product offer
  • Revise sales story
  • Evolve customer engagement

Business: Trade (Plumbing and Electrical)

Turnover: $1.8m
Staff: 9
Objective: Prepare business for next 5 years

Actions taken:-

  • Complete goals and dreams exercise with owners to establish personal objectives
  • Full business analysis to understand margin dynamics of all revenue streams
  • Create and implement annual budget and forecast process
  • Staff engagement exercise to understand the future of the apprentice resource as well as more experienced FTE’s
  • Complete customer satisfaction program
  • Review and optimise the customer journey
  • Develop leadership competence so business can function in isolation of the owners
  • Conduct marketing audit and optimise focus and spend of future marketing activities
  • Restructure back office function 
  • Streamline business process and optimise systems in use

Business: Interior Design

Turnover: $1.2m
Staff: 8
Objective: Grow Income and Profitability

Actions taken:-

  • As above 
  • Review and revise margin mix to ensure product offer and customer segments are margin accretive
  • Review and revise operating expenditure
  • Establish business model /plan that shapes and saleable entity
  • Complete business model exercise (Customer segments, Customer relationships, Channels, Value proposition, Key Activities, Key Resources, Key Partners, Cost Structure, Revenue Streams)
  • Work with key individuals on specific development programs

Business: Fabrication Manufacturer

Turnover: $2.5m
Staff: 9
Objective: Growth Strategy

Actions taken:-

  • Recruit Production Manager
  • Increase quality standards
  • Established unique value propositions
  • Corrected pricing model
  • Established online product sales
  • www upgrade
  • Comprehensive marketing strategy
  • Established market value adds
  • Supported legal issues within the business
  • Simplified operations
  • Established CAD drawing integration
  • Cost reductions through suppliers
  • Established production and staff KPI’s
  • Attached manufacturer standard awards
  • Business strategy

Business: Water Service Provider

Turnover: $2.0m
Staff: 8
Objective: Succession

Actions taken:-

  • New pricing model
  • Increased product and service offering
  • Online presence
  • Online sales
  • Brand marketing
  • Increased staff
  • Sales growth year on year
  • Decreased Lost labour
  • Capital asset strategy
  • Governance
  • Taxation efficiencies
  • Role transitioning
  • Inventory management
  • Business strategy
  • Initial step of succession selling 20%

Business: Packaging Manufacturing and Service

Turnover: $1.5m
Staff: 11
Objective: Out of love

Actions taken:-

  • Pricing strategy
  • Management recruitment
  • Created new business venture
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sold manufacturing business
  • Established service business
  • Sales growth strategy
  • Taxation efficiencies
  • Margin growth
  • Simple operational strategies

Business: Equipment Hire

Turnover: $5m
Staff: 10
Objective: Governance

Actions taken:-

  • Established shareholder objectives
  • Created business strategy
  • All parties on the same page
  • Established meeting governance
  • Created resource to support shareholders
  • Staff change management
  • Succession for one shareholder
  • Created a higher company image 
  • Capital Asset Strategy
  • Established long term funding
  • Established communication strategies
  • HR guidelines and functionality
  • Health and Safety program