Reconnect & Profit

We support you through the Reconnnect and Profit process. Teach you how to use it and get you to implement it.

3 - 6 Month Programme

Hands on coaching for business owners and their senior managers.


Flexible session times.
Working at your pace.

Available in

Auckland / Waikato
Bay of Plenty
Hawke’s Bay

Government Funded

Government money is available to help fund this programme. Talk to us about applying for it.

Locate and fix your company’s disconnections

Implement strategies

So your business isn’t performing where it should be, but you can’t quite put your finger on the problem or problems. Somewhere, somehow your business is experiencing disconnections that are dragging it down and dragging you down too!

In the Reconnect and Profit programme we provide you a staged process to follow so you the business owners can locate the “interconnected disconnections” within your business, analyse the data, bond your team together, create an action plan and implement the strategies required to increase growth and profit.

We will teach you the process to progress through five stages towards Growth and Profit. You will be gathering information to allow you to fix your companies disconnections as well as train you to create an action plan for implementation.  The five stages are:


You, the business owner

Locate the “interconnected disconnections” within your business.



Learn to create a change management environment and gain support from your team.



Initiate and set-up a client survey to gather important information about your clients requirements.



Analyse your business against your competitors, through business bench-marking.



Implement a 3-year financial review to encourage business growth and profit.

You will use proven methodologies within each stage. Be taught to do competitors bench marketing, a 3-year financial review, how to set up and initiate a client and staff survey as well training around what questions to ask yourself as a owner through the owner’s perception model. This program is based on a self help process where the deliverables are obtained and executed by the business owners themselves.


Keep your finger on the pulse

Our proven techniques will help you learn to create an action plan yourself, enable you to reconnect and profit by implementing the changes needed. Monitor progress and results, with the support of your staff.


Learn Business Planning


Create Business Sustainability


Implement Change Management


Develop Business Systems


Manage Resources


Business Operations

Other Funded Services


COVID-19 Crisis


We work with business owners and senior managers to provide one-on-one advice and support on HR, Health and Wellness, Business Continuity Planning, Sustainability Finance and Cashflow Management.

Business Continuity


A service for businesses that need to raise their digital profile. Whether just starting down this track or bringing your digital footprint up to modern standards this service is vital. Owners learn to enhance online communication with their clients.

Business Transformation

This is a fully comprehesive business transformation programme for business owners. We work on a one-to-one basis to build your management capability skills so your business will have the capacity to thrive, grow and transform to the next level.

Business Start-up

We provide tailored one-on-one hands on business coaching/training to both new GST registered business owners and existing owners. The business coaching/training is to help new and existing owners explore their new business idea.

Business Exit

A tailored one-on-one hands on business coaching / training approach to exit strategy. We help business owners identify what they need to do to prepare for the day when they want to leave and/or transition the business from one owner to another.


Our approach is grounded, pragmatic and realistic.

Real Business Advice

We find a one-on-one, face to face approach is still the best way to engage and deliver the most effective advice.


Real Experience

Experience tells us our that clients are not looking for an off-the-shelf solution to their problems.


Real People

Our clients are smart, hardworking entrepreneurs who seek guidance, advice, insight, and a good sounding board. In short a travel companion for the journey.


Real Results

We won’t sell you a pipe-dream. Everything we work towards with you realises a tangable benefit for your business and lifestyle.




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